Unexpected Love

So, this is our cat Molly.



Totally in her element, scoping the yard for things to pounce on, thinking she is at one with the grey wall...

I try not to go on too much about Molly the Cat..she is pretty cool, but I don't like to overplay it too much, you know, 35 and no kids - the whole crazy cat lady assertions to avoid. More seriously, the dog lover v cat lover debate I want no part of people..no part!

About 7 years ago, prior to my refusal to weigh in on this heated debate, my husband Luke and I adopted Molly. The weeks prior to Molly coming in to our lives, I had been putting in a pretty massive campaign for a puppy as the dog lover in the relationship...Luke was having none of it at the time, I cannot really remember his logical reasonings for why, but he is a pretty sensible man most of the time so I must have thought, fair chop I will aim for a smaller goal instead.
In the end after talking it out we compromised on a kitten. Now this was a huge compromise for me because at the time, well I hated cats..hated 'em!
They just always had that sinister look in their eyes - like they were telling me with their glare they were much smarter than I - very disconcerting, not to mention the unpredictability, purring one minute then taking the attack posture and landing on your face the next.

So long story short, we trailed around different pet shops looking for the right little one all weekend and while I could pretend we were perfect, ethically responsible citizens we settled on a little grey and pink wee thing in the back of a very dodgy pet shop in Cardiff. We paid forty clams to break her out of there and I felt quite Animal Lib in that moment to be saving Molly from that pretty gross cage and the lady with no teeth pushing a comatose parrot onto me and telling me she could also read my tarot for twenty bucks.

So years on and I have had a 180 degree on the whole cat thing, I kinda dig them now, well that's a stretch..I dig my cat. I never thought she really dug me though, I always said to Luke that she loved him more, and she was definitely his cat.

Until this started happening...



I began to realise Molly was there for me curled up by my feet, during every big cry I have had this year. When dad died of cancer 9 months ago, I had to spend one excruciating night in absolute shock and pain prior to travelling back with my mother to our home town to make funeral arrangements, that night guttural noises came out of my body I never knew I could make, such was the shock and disbelief over what had unfolded before us that week. I recall that whole night Molly did not leave my side once, and even dug herself into the doona-dent of my body to curl herself protectively in closer to me.

Again some months later as I developed a 'dodgy' gall bladder (technical term). I would lie night after night crying in pain till all hours of the morning, I would feel little molly lying as close as she could, I truly believe she was sensing my pain.

So this is clearly one cool cat and as much as I am in gratitude of all Luke has done to support me through such a cruddy few months, there is another little one on my team who I wanted to shine some spot light on.

My cat is totes cool, and I won't hear dog lovers say a bad word about her. She has my back so I now will have hers.

Don't worry you won't see any selfies like this cropping up in future posts..


But I am not adverse to making this perfection happen..


Love ya guts Molly and lets cheers our awesome pets, who love us even when we don't love ourselves too much.

Emma Kate xoxo